Unfortunately, it is not permissible to show photographs of this project.  Working on any government property has special requirements and certifications. There were many legalities to maneuver to have permission from the government to do this construction. Every aspect had to be approved. Time constraints (Keystone had thirty days to build the IRS site when a project like this would normally take ninety days) and budget were also a challenge.


Keystone Development is now GSA (General Services Administration) certified as a result of working on this project.  Communication between Keystone, its affiliates and the government were absolutely key in completing this building.  We made sure we had a clear understanding of the expectations of getting this project off the ground.  Mr. Miller and our associates at Keystone were very mindful and particular about making sure every requirement was properly planned into the pre-construction process.  In essence, we had to have every move that either we or our affiliates were to make properly documented before construction could even begin.  Long days and good cooperation meant every line was filled in, document signed and approved, and inspection passed before, during and after construction.  Everything was done within the time allotted and budget set.